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G Charlton originated from famous European branded hotel group------Continent Hotel Group. Headquarter in Europe, Continent has tens of management projects across Spain, Turkey, Russia, the Middle East, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Vietnam and China. The group has three hotel brands which are G Charlton (Lofty Collection)、Urban Collection、Ancyra Hotels & Inns. Among them, G Charlton is the main luxury hotel brand specially designed for Asia Pacific market.

Based on the core values of excellent Golden Service, healthy and eco-friendly Green Concept and incomparable Grand Experience, G Charlton Hotel Management Company attracts many competitive owners, and with hotels throughout Sanya, Shenzhen, Kunming, Tibet, Zhengzhou, Chumatien and so on. G Charlton Hotel Management Company is good at perfectly integrating local traditions into international standard to create the unique hotel taste and culture, so as to attract more customers and potential clients.

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